Project: Fixing Callica

A big 2008 "Grey's Anatomy" video project of mine.
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Cyber Freak

Based on a true story.

Music & lyrics, lead guitar, lead vocals: Theodora Roglev
Solo & rhythm guitar, harmony vocals: Manfred Kohl
Bass: Otto Auer, Drums: Johann Huber

The Ides of March

Inspired by the "Xena: Warrior Princess" season 4 episode of the same name.

Vocals, lead guitar, electronic percussions: Theodora Roglev
Solo guitar, bass guitar: Manfred Kohl

Joxer the Mighty (alternate version)

A twisted version of Joxer's famous theme song.

Vocals & lyrics: Theodora Roglev
Guitar, mandolin: Manfred Kohl

A Jewel in Texas (acoustic version)

Acoustic cover version of a popular fan song by Soundwarrior dedicated to actress ReneƩ O'Connor.

Vocals, 12-string & 6-string guitars: Theodora Roglev
Dobro guitar, mandolin: Manfred Kohl

Slayer Hymn

Dedicated to "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" – Home demo recording. (Severe voice issues from a heavy cold.)

Vocals, lead & rhythm guitars, drums: Theodora Roglev

Books & Movies

Florian & Florian

A children's book by my friend Barbara Müller and Tanja Strobl about the adventurous journey of a sweet, loving gay penguin couple. (I did the English translation for the short animated film in 2012, which is included on the DVD.)
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Revista Xenite

An interview I gave in early 2011 to a Brazilian "Xena: Warrior Princess" fan site.
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